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Driad Research – Supporting Innovation in SMEs.

Driad is a new generation of international consultancy offering innovative companies bespoke support in their research & development projects, from project management to business plan and strategy elaboration and technical writing.

We have worked with 100 technology start-ups and SMEs over the last 3 years, spanning a wide range of sectors such as Internet of Things technology, smart cities, health technology, artificial intelligence and the sharing economy.

Driad’s perspective on research and innovation is unique, coming from an international experience in academic research and experience in collaborating with numerous innovative companies.

Driad aims to help its customers in their development plans, from definition to communication and fundraising. Dedicated to its clients in the long term, Driad assists them in their growth and protects their innovation potential.


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Dr Vivien BADAUT – Director and founder –   

Innovation consultant since June 2013, he is a specialist of R&D’s project support.
Former research scientist, Vivien obtained a PhD in Chemistry from University Paris XI in 2010 and worked in France (CEA, Saclay), in Germany (ITU, Karlsruhe) and in Japan (RIKEN, Wako).

Dr Irène ARRATA – Innovation Consultant –   

Irène joined Driad in April 2017 after graduating from a PhD in Chemical Biology from the University of Leeds.
She worked in Belgium (Johnson&Johnson, Beerse) and Italy (University of Basilicata, Potenza) as part of her undergraduate cursus at the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Material Sciences (ECPM Strasbourg, France).

Thierry SALUS-ROBBINS – Innovation Consultant –  

Thierry Salus-Robbins was born on July 5th 1975 in Villefranche S/Saône, a small French town in the Beaujolais Area. After studying in Lyon, he became an English teacher, first in the North of France then in the Ardennes region.  He married an Englishwoman and moved to Leeds in the summer of 2017.