Fast Track to Innovation: an insider's perspective

Vivien Badaut
The European Commission Fast Track to Innovation is the most competitive collaborative R&D grant competition on the market. It also is the most rewarding. As a reviewer, I have seen first hand how a review is conducted and it has significant consequences on how to prepare an application. Click through to explore our advices.

Funding opportunity: EUREKA Eurostars 2, round 10

Irène Arrata
Round 10 of EUREKA's Eurostars has opened on Monday 2nd July. Here is what you need to know before you apply.

Why you should work with us: EU funding case

In this article, we demonstrate on the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 case how working with DRIAD will: 1) maximise your chances of obtaining the grant, 2) minimise the time you need to invest in preparing your grant application, and 3) reduce your risk exposure while increasing your ROI.

Where the heck do I start? - 3

Thierry Salus-Robbins
In the second part of ‘where the heck do I start?’, I focused on the grant aimed at funding a project and bringing it to market. In this third part, I will present the business side.

Where the heck do I start? - 2

In this second post from the "where the heck do I start" series, I will present funding opportunities depending on your project's TRL.