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Innovate UK open programme funding competition - round 1

Thierry Salus-Robbins
The first round of Innovate UK's Open Programme Funding Competition…

Where the heck do I start? - 2

In this second post from the "where the heck do I start" series, I will present funding opportunities depending on your project's TRL.
Quentin Tizon at DRIAD

Welcoming Quentin - our new intern

Our new intern, Quentin, arrived on Tuesday; he will stay with…

R&D grants: where the heck do I start - 1

That may very well be what you’re asking yourself if you’re considering going for a grant. To this question, the answer is simple: it depends.

Recap of the LDF2018 kick-off

Irène Arrata
We kicked-off the Leeds Digital Festival 2018 with our event on public funding. Here is how the session went.